Do you work out of your house?

No. and sort of.  It is true that our shop is on our residential property, in a quiet residential neighborhood.  But the building where the shop is located is detached from the house and fully up-fitted and furnished as a computer service center. No lawnmowers, rakes or gardening supplies.  

In August of 2017, due to family health issues, we closed our retail location in Cornelius next to the restaurant 131 Main.

How quick will my job be looked at? What is your turn-around?

With few exceptions, your servicing will start the day you bring it in.  MOST services are completed within 24-48 hours.  

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, instate checks (with ID), VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover,  AmericanExpress, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

What brands do you service?

We service ALL computer brands:  Dell, HP, Apple, Macintosh, Atari, Acer, ASUS, MSI, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, eMachine, Gateway, iBuyPower and Custom Builds.

Do you sell computers?

Yes. We offer higher-end, custom-built, gaming-type platforms.

Do you sell used computers?

No. We did years ago, but it just isn't worth it today, since you can buy a brand new system for $300.00 at retail.

I want to purchase a new computer; what specs do you recommend?

We currently recommend at least an Intel I5, or I7, processor, no less than 8 GB of ram and a 500 GB, or larger, hard drive,  or solid state drive, as your basic home computer.  Call us for more detailed specifications on your specific needs.